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Together we’ll explore your aura’s general vibrations than one person, place or thing effecting your essence.  
A seed planted without water will remain dormant.

Romi proffers self-help nuggets of wisdoms.
with Love, Light and Laughter!

       Algorithm Unconscious Reactive Atmosphere

Aura’s are like personal computer surfing the internet. Daily events resolve as positive and negative input. We mistakenly give permission to malwares coding subtle threats affecting our emotional and physical health. 

Connect to build Unconscious Awareness  

Unlock First-Aid repair codes 

Rewrite corrupted scripts 

Reboot Connections to People Places and Things with an Aura Empowerment Reading.


Face Reading

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The ancient art of face reading tell of personal challenges and inherent strengths. Do you have big ears or a bent nose? Find how facial attributes report sexual prowess, outlook, decision making, spending money, work style, communication and manner of intimacy. 

Face Reading is Physiognomy and not the science of Neurolinguistics which is facial expressions whereas face reading uncovers inherited and developed traits. 

Enlighten while Entertain! Blessed with the gift of discernment, clairvoyant medium Romi G has insight of people going places doing things*

Curious about potential lover, business partner or family tie? 

Ask Romi G 

Soul Secrets Empower you to create your own Magic* I DON’T DO SPELLS!

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Readings via Live Chat, FB Messenger, Skype, Phone and Essay

Romi G (Gail Romiti=))